Susumu Kinoshita exhibition

21 Nov. 2020 - 28 Nov. 2020

Sanctuary of pencil drawing


Akira Tatehata


The ultimate reality is to approach the essence of what is now in front of you, and to bring you to the moment when you touch life itself. Kinoshita Susumu moves his pencils with unparalleled expressive power, but his interest does not lie in reproductive depictions. He depicts his wife, who is stiff from Parkinson’s disease, and the beautiful shadows are a clear and transparent light. It is a sacred scene brought to life by the gaze of the artist, which seeks only the essence of existence .
He says that his wife is an ideal model and that she is becoming increasingly attractive. There is a sense of contradiction in the appearance of this grotesque work depicting a naked woman from behind as she puts on clothes; however, one cannot help but feel the sublimity of the artist’s work. The artist’s wife’s words, “As if possessed, the figure walks toward the light with a heavy chain attached to his feet,” deeply move us. Extreme sanctuary with pencil drawings!

Susumu Kinoshita